Enhancing collaboration
through chat in ESP:
A conversation analysis


Dafne González
Leticia Esteves


         Chat rooms are ideal spaces for interaction, collaboration and negotiation of meaning, crucial aspects in language learning. However, they have not been fully exploited in language teaching. This study shows the results of a conversation analysis of 30 transcriptions of chat sessions where architecture students were carrying out collaborative group work. The researchers wanted to discover the discourse patterns and conversational strategies used by the students in this online context to study their possible repercussions in English learning. The results seem to indicate that the students were building the kind of discourse that is thought to lead to language learning.


Presenting at the Webheads Elluminate room in Learning Times,
on Friday, November 18, at 21:00 GMT  



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Some resources used in the
case study unit 

    Online unit where the chat sessions were included  
    Group formation - Jig-Saw technique  
    Rubric to evaluate chat work  
    Group work evaluation  
    Sample Final essay  
    Sample chatlog  
    Sample Modernist buildings:
                               Colon Market
                               Xapa House
                               Cabañal popular Mod.
  Presenters Bios:
Dafne Gonzalez: Professor of EFL/ESP and graduate technology and education-related courses at Universidad Simón Bolívar (USB), in Caracas, Venezuela. She holds an MA in Applied Linguistics and a PhD in Education. She is a member of the Electronic Village Online Coordination Team, teaches one of the "TESOL Principles and Practices of Online Teaching" courses, and is a member of Webheads in Action since 2002.
  Leticia Esteves: Master in Applied Linguistics from USB. Graduate English teacher from UNIMET. Leticia teaches English for Science and Technology as well as English for architecture and urban planning at the USB. She is currently teaching a course on "Curriculum Design" at the USB Applied Linguistics Master Program and coordinating the English Program (English for Communicative Purposes) at FUNINDES-USB  

Dafne Gonzalez